Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Barcroft Primary. We are a large 2 form entry primary school in Willenhall near Walsall. There has been a school on this site since 1885. Barcroft is the amalgamation of two schools: Albion Road Junior and Elm Street Infant. We currently have approximately 450 children on roll and provide before and after school care facilities. We also have a large 52 place nursery.  The school has always been rated as a good school and our last Ofsted was in 2016. The school is very popular and operates with long waiting lists.

There are many factors that contribute to the schools stability and continued success; first and foremost it is the commitment and hard work of all the staff who always go above and beyond to make the children’s experiences of school valuable and enjoyable. Many of the staff have been here a long time and have sent their own children here, which gives an insight into the confidence they have in the education Barcroft offers. The school community which includes the Governors and parents show the same level of commitment to making the school a success by immersing themselves in the life of the school.

When people walk around the school the first thing they comment on are the children. Our children are open and inquisitive which makes teaching them a delight. They are well behaved, respectable and courteous to all. The terms consideration, courtesy and respect resonate through everything we do. Our expectations for behaviour and attendance are very high. We expect the children to be punctual and wearing their school uniform with pride every day.

The pupil voice at Barcroft is strong. Pupils are regularly canvassed for thoughts and opinions and the school council, which is well established, is a powerful force in school.  Children often talk about how happy and safe they feel at school and that they feel the staff genuinely care about them.

The school’s ambition is to be outstanding. All the school leadership team who are relatively new to the school come from outstanding schools and have a clear picture of what needs to be done at Barcroft to achieve this. The literacy and maths curriculums take priority and the core skills of reading, writing and numeracy are interwoven into every area.  The creative curriculum is shaped by the needs and strengths of our pupils, for example, one of the topics in Year 3 is from Willenhall to Venice. We want our children to be proud of where they come from but also be outward looking. The curriculum is not a commercial scheme but one that has been designed by the senior leaders for this school. Through a termly cycle of curriculum monitoring by subject leaders, which includes discussion with pupils, staff at Barcroft work hard to keep the curriculum up to date and relevant to all .This is further enhanced by an array of trips and workshops, many subsided by school and after school clubs that are designed to introduce pupils to new hobbies and lifelong interests.

Through our work on SMSC (social, moral spiritual and cultural) development we help our children to acquire an inner discipline that will encourage children to not just follow the crowd – they make their own decisions and are ready to accept responsibly for what they do. Pupil welfare is one everyone’s agenda.

The learning environment was described as stunning by Ofsted in 2016. Ofsted do not normally use such emotional language but the environment has to be seen to be believed. Special features include a sky library for our older pupils. All this makes for a truly unique experience for the children. The school embraces modern technologies, all the classrooms are equipped with up to date resources both for teachers and the children. We offer on- line one to one maths tuition and regularly use Twitter to keep everyone informed and up to date.

The school understands its place in the community. Wider links include working with the University of Wolverhampton to provide volunteering experience for their students and Tesco to provide insight into the world of work for our pupils.

The school provides opportunities for volunteering for parents for teaching assistant qualifications, work experience for our feeder secondary schools pupils and regularly mentors students from the main universities.

If you would like to know more about our school please arrange for a visit. Our children very much enjoy talking about their school.