School Council

At Barcroft Primary School, we have an active and child-led school council, supported by members of teaching and non-teaching staff. 

Members are elected by their peers every September in an election, with older pupils also holding the roles of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Council meet monthly, or more often if necessary, to put forward the views of their peers, raise any concerns and to discuss the future of the school. They are also involved in interviews and in taking visitors around the school. We have school council suggestion boxes so that we can gather opinions and ideas from all pupils about our school. 

Previously the School Council have visited Parliament to meet with our local MP and to find out how parliament works. They also spoke to staff manning ballot boxes on election day to find out how a local election is run. 

We have thought carefully about the role in school and have decided on the core reasons for having a school council at Barcroft Primary School:

  • We are here to listen to everyone and get their opinions and ideas
  • We are here as role models for the children of our school
  • We are here to help solve problems
  • We are here to help the children feel safe and comfortable in school
  • We are here to try and support the school community and the wider community, as well as people all around the world