Vision and Values

School Aims 

Our core aim: To develop happy, well-rounded confident individuals who achieve their potential as a result of a wealth of experiences.

We achieve this by:

  • Working in partnership with parents, other stakeholders and the wider community.
  • Buildingchildren’s self -confidence and self-belief to become independent, well-rounded and resilient learners with the skills and positive attitudes to succeed and be exemplary citizens.
  • Exceptional teaching, tailored to children’s needs, which enhances and accelerates learning, inspiring children to excel and aim high.
  • A  creative curriculum with breadth and balance, high quality learning resources, a range of extensive activities with rich and memorable experiences.
  • A  safe, secure and happy environment where the welfare of every child is of paramount importance.
  • Recognising and celebrating success in everyone.
  • Unlocking hearts and minds.


Character Education Update

Barcroft Vision and Values (BVV)

Since the launch of this fantastic initiative to build character education, we have held a number of celebration assemblies whereby the children and staff, who have been nominated, receive their colour pin badge and certificate. They are recognised for the focus value they have demonstrated either by their teacher or by their parents or carers.

It is vital for children to understand that we recognise their efforts to make the right choices; to know what is morally right, to challenge themselves, to be resilient and demonstrate courage when at the bleakest of times, they may feel like giving up and understanding that by working together, they can achieve so much more. These attributes and more reflect many of our focus values. The children are becoming more familiar with the language and vocabulary focussed around the values as they are displayed for children to discuss and for the teachers to refer to. According to the Jubilee Centre for Characters and Virtues, ‘As educators the language we use is a powerful tool for developing character and helping pupils make progress in their moral development.’

As we live in these very uncertain times, and lockdown was inevitable, we continued with our BVV assemblies via Twitter, celebrating the children’s achievements on a weekly basis as we believe that our children have demonstrated such courage, resilience and determination to continue with their education through remote learning.

At present, UPKS2 are working on key focus values half-termly, for LKS2 and KS1, they work on focus values termly and for EYFS, they focus on some key vocabulary and two focus values throughout the year. All children and staff have the opportunity to earn themselves a BVV colour pin badge and certificate.

Please see below for more information on this part of our work: