Early Years



Starting Nursery is a very exciting time for our children. The first half term when the children start Nursery will focus on class rules, routines and behaviour expectations. Their first topic will be ‘Me, Myself and I’, in which they will explore themselves, their senses and their bodies. There will be a focus on language acquisition, oracy and developing vocabulary. We will be learning lots of nursery rhymes and songs linked to the topic. After the October half term, our topic will be ‘Let’s Celebrate’. This is an exciting time of year where we will be celebrating different festivals including Diwali and Christmas. The children will take part in food tasting, role play and dancing.

After the Christmas holidays, our Spring topic will be ‘Made in Willenhall’. The children will be learning all about their local community and the different people that help us around town. They will have opportunities to discuss their experiences and explore the different jobs that interest them. Following the February half term, we will be learning about ‘Under the Sea’. This will involve learning about sea creatures, where they live, what they eat and how they survive. The children will also learn how to look after our class fish and they will be in charge of feeding the fish and cleaning the tank. There will be a focus on writing this half term and children will be encouraged to use their phonics skills to write new words.

After Easter, our topic will be 'Nursery to the Rescue'. The children will be learning all about why it is important to help others and we will be going on lots of exciting adventures. This will then lead to the final topic in the last half term which will be, ‘Green Fingers’. In this topic, the children will be learning about weather and how things grow. They will have a go at planting and growing their own fruits and vegetables. They will learn all about healthy eating and also how to care for and look after animals.



Children in our school start Reception filled with excitement. The first few weeks will focus on routines, behaviour expectations and readiness for learning. Our first topic will be ‘All About Us’. There will be a PSED focus initially and the children will be learning all about making friends, good choices and looking after others. Learning will also focus on different types of families, cultures and people. The children will begin to identify similarities and differences between families and how each family is special. After the October half term, our new topic will be ‘Celebrate Good Times’. The children will be learning about a variety of different celebrations including Diwali, birthdays, weddings and Christmas. They will also be going on an exciting trip to meet Santa in December!

Following the Christmas break, our topic will be ‘Come Fly With Me’. Children will be exploring different countries, people, cultures, traditions, religions, weather and food around the world. Learning will focus around three main countries - Africa, China and Australia. We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year with lots of exciting food tasting, dancing and crafts. After the February half term, our new topic will be ‘Rainforest Adventure’. The children will learn all about the different animals in the Rainforest and how to look after our environment. This will involve making comparisons between different animals, countries and environments. We also have a special treat towards the end of the half term as the Animal Man will be coming to see us with some very special visitors.

After the Easter holiday, the children’s topic will be ‘Blast Off’. They will be learning all about space and our solar system. This will involve finding out more about the role of the astronaut and making our own rockets. We might even take a trip to the Moon ourselves! Finally, the last half term’s topic will be ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’. This will focus on planting and growing. The children will take part in planting different flowers, vegetables and fruits. They will learn how to take care of what they have planted and will then use the produce to make different meals. They will also go on an exciting trip to the farm to learn more about how different animals are cared for.