What is oracy?

  • Learning to talk.
  • The ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech.
  • The use of spoken language.
  • The ability to speak well.


Why is oracy important?

  • It is the first step in children’s reading and writing development.
  • Children need to be able to speak before they can read and write.
  • Helps children to understand and use language.
  • Increases their confidence and interdependence.
  • Helps to build their vocabulary.
  • Supports their phonics.


How do we teach oracy in our school?

  • Daily oracy lessons focusing on development of key skills.
  • Use of ‘my turn your turn’.
  • Use of partner and group work.
  • Introducing new vocabulary.
  • Modelling a range of oracy skills and appropriate talk.
  • Using sentence stems.
  • Always modelling standard English.
  • Embedding oracy into all subjects in the curriculum.


What strategies can you use to support your child’s oracy?

  • Speaking in standard English.
  • Speaking in full sentences.
  • Modelling correct and appropriate talk.
  • Reminding them to project their voice and speak clearly.
  • Singing songs.
  • Reading stories to them.
  • Reading their reading book with them every week.
  • Using voice recorders.
  • Practising the speed sounds.
  • Using Makaton signs.