Outdoor Learning

It is important that children are exposed to the outdoor area, as it can have a positive impact on their wellbeing, attainment, and development. At Barcroft, we are striving to ensure our outdoor areas are a stimulating and enriching environment where children can play purposefully. "At the moment, if outdoor learning is part of a school's curriculum in England, it is largely because the teachers recognise the value of it," said report co-author, Sue Waite, a reader in outdoor learning at Plymouth University, UK. Here at Barcroft, we value the importance of incorporating our outdoor areas into the curriculum.


You can read more on this in BBC News’ report on outdoor learning- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-36795912


Here are 10 ways that outdoor learning benefits your child:


  • develop reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem-solving approaches in ‘real’ situations
  • encourage holistic development of children
  • develop resilience and adaptability in occasionally adverse circumstances
  • allow children to become more able to identify hazards and risks
  • develop a love, appreciation and respect for nature and all that is living
  • develop an understanding of how we can look after our environment
  • develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem
  • develop collaborative-working and communication skills
  • provide positive health benefits – both physically and mentally – and assist gross and fine-motor development
  • develop a lifelong love of the outdoors