Self-Regulation and Metacognition

During the period of lockdown, and during the wider reopening of school, our children have continued their learning and have demonstrated their adaptability and resilience.  These are values that are celebrated within Barcroft. 


A contributory factor to this, is the development of self-regulation and metacognition within children which is encouraged during the teaching and learning daily at Barcroft Primary School. This approach gives students the skills and strategies to help themselves and guide their learning. Essentially, self-regulation is about the extent to which our learners are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, the strategies they use to learn and how they can motivate themselves to engage in learning. Children take some responsibility for their own learning and play an active role in this.  Rather than just being passive and taught to, they are encouraged to ask questions and guide the direction their learning takes which is supported by our Creative Curriculum.  This is further nurtured by various strategies, through verbal and written feedback, explicit instruction in strategies and problem solving, effective modelling and scaffolding, appropriate challenges that are motivating and dialogue within the classroom to develop metacognition skills.


Metacognition, in turn, is specifically about the ways learners can monitor and purposefully direct their learning, for example by deciding that a particular strategy for a task is likely to be successful, monitor whether it has indeed been successful, and then deliberately change (or not change) their method based on that evidence.  They basically understand and work on the way they learn, they can pick strategies and tools to suit each lesson or concept.  This is encouraged by providing children a range of strategies and techniques throughout the year groups, so an all-round understanding is gained and built on, ensuring that children have a ‘tool box’ of techniques to approach different questions and problems.


Below are some examples of current research into this area should you want to read more.


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