Year Five

Year 5 have made a fantastic start to the new year with the emphasis being on building their ‘Growth Mindset!’ Children were encouraged to think about what ‘resilience’ looks like as this is paramount in our school! We not only provide the children with an excellent creative curriculum, we also focus on the whole child. We want all our children to feel valued and respected and to leave Barcroft Primary with a positive mindset and the self-belief that they can accomplish anything, if they put their mind to it!

Our Autumn topic ‘Scorched’ is all about the villainous Vikings! Who were they? Where did they come from? What impact did they have on Britain? These are some of the enquiry based questions the children have been asking and learning about! It was brought to life with our ‘WOW’ day, whereby they were able to come into school dressed as Vikings. During the day, the children wrote messages using runes, they learned about compass points and direction and finally finished our exciting day by making some clay brooches similar to the ones worn by the Vikings! Links are consistently made throughout the creative curriculum.

Find out more about the Vikings by visiting the following websites:

Moving into Autumn 2, the focus will be ‘Remembrance.’ As it has been a hundred years since the end of the ‘First World War,’ the children will have the pleasure of meeting a war veteran, who himself, has just turned 100 years old! How fantastic is that! He will talk about his experiences, creating awe and wonder for the children during ‘Remembrance Week!’ This is an amazing opportunity for the children and staff! During this time, the children will have time to reflect on the ‘fallen soldiers’ as well as others who fought for their country, incorporating the ‘British Values’ aspect that this school clearly values!


Parents, why don’t you come along and join your children during our ‘Parent Workshops!’ Year 5 have a ‘Science’ themed workshop on Thursday 4th October, 2-3pm and a topic based workshop on Friday 26th October, 2-3pm. The children really love having their parents, grandparents, carers, guardians in school so that they can show off all of the wonderful things they have been learning! Please come along and support your children!

Spring Term updates to follow…