Welcome to Year 1



Phase Leader: Mrs F. Edwards

1RT:Miss R. Thomson

1ZF: Miss Z. Franklin

Mrs A. Duggins.

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Chambers and Mrs Mason


Our Year 1 provision is the start of an amazing journey through Key Stage 1. It builds on the firm foundations of our Early Years setting and prepares pupils for their journey through school to become lifelong learners.


Autumn Term

During Autumn Term, our topic is “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!” Children will enjoy role-playing situations such as how to travel to the seaside, what you might do on holiday and will discuss and share their experiences.  They will use familiar stories, such as The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and will also travel back in time to the Victorian era to make comparisons about what life was like long ago, compared to their lives today.

In the second half term, Year 1 seek out their party outfits for the exciting topic, ‘Let’s Party!’ During this half term, children will explore poetry and develop their understanding of different cultural festivals such as Diwali and Christmas. It supports our whole school ethos to value everyone around us and gives pupils an opportunity to share first hand experiences. It is great to hear our ‘adults of the future’, telling their friends and teachers about the finer details of how Diwali and Christmas are celebrated in their homes.


Spring term

Our next topic continues to celebrate and build on pupils’ first hand experiences about toys. This is a great opportunity to get both boys and girls inspired and is a real joy to be a part of! The ‘Lost Toys’ topic develops previous work on the Victorian era and helps pupils to develop a real understanding of what life was like before iPads, PlayStations and computers!

After taking a trip back in time, children blast in to the future for, ‘The Aliens are coming!’ Children enjoy exploring a range of tools to design and make their very own alien. Reading and vocabulary continues to be a high priority, as pupils share a variety of stories with an alien theme. This culminates with pupils being young authors and writing their own story to share with friends and family.


Summer term

In the summer term, the topic ‘Metamorphosis' sees the children crawling amongst minibeasts! This topic gives pupils the opportunity to observe minibeasts in their local habitat and they can watch the amazing transformation throughout the life cycle of a butterfly. The children explore the outdoor environment supporting both geography and science outcomes.

The year draws to a close with the topic, 'Rumble in the Jungle’. The children develop their understanding of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and go searching for them at the zoo! Children will plant their own sunflower seeds and observe them over time, watching them grow into beautiful sunflowers. This topic lays the foundations for the ‘Earth Shakers’ topic when moving into Year 2.


Throughout the academic year, children will observe weather patterns and changes in seasons.

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During the month of June, Year One pupils will sit the national phonics screening check. This is a range of green words and alien words which will check your child’s phonic knowledge. Further information and support will be sent out closer to the time.