Welcome to Year Six


Phase Leader: Mrs B. Haughey

Class 6BH: Mrs Haughey and Mrs Kirk

Class 6GB: Mr Bunce and Mrs Kirk

Class 6JS: Mrs Saran and Mrs Kirk

PPA Cover: Mr Guy


This year holds many exciting discoveries for year 6. We start the year by looking at the question with 'I wonder--' Looking at our family history and the traits we inherit from our family. As part of food and nutrition we will be creating our own menu of culture where we will bring dishes from the various cultures represented in our year. In November we will move on to looking at war and remembrance, and in particular some of the poetry created around this. We also take a look at Mayan history in the topic 'The Lost Empire'. After Christmas we move on to looking at the Ancient Greeks and the impact they had on our society we will even be planning and holding our own ancient Olympics. In the summer term we take an adventure to the rain forest where we will be running wild with Micheal Morpurgo. Before the children move on to secondary school, we look at transition units and think back over the year and their time at Barcroft- we will be inviting you in for plays and a leavers assembly, so remember your tissues in the summer term!

Useful Websites

Please follow the link above to find a list of useful websites for your children in Year 6.


As part of their topic about Ancient Greece, Year 6 have been trying to build a replica Parthenon!

They had to study shapes, angles and consider how to distribute weight. They worked very hard and we are proud of their results. 

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