Community Cohesion
At Barcroft Primary, Community Cohesion is at the centre of all we do. We encourage our children to celebrate the diverse world & community that we live in.
As part of our commitment to supporting community cohesion, we have worked with some incredible people. A highlight in our school experience, was when we had a visit by RT Hon Stuart Lawrence.

Stuart Lawrence talking about meeting Nelson Mandela


We were fortunate to be one of the first schools Stuart Lawrence had worked with, following his long career in the teaching profession. Stuart kindly shared his life experiences and knowledge. He invited discussion on diversity and the importance of community cohesion – discussing the importance of the Equality Act. As a school we continue to work with Stuart and each year we dedicate April 22nd to celebrate the life & legacy of his late brother Stephen Lawrence – Stephen Lawrence Day.

Stuart Lawrence & Amrit Singh


We have also worked with Amrit Singh. A leading artist/social media expert. During his visit he discussed the importance of social media and how we perceive ourselves & each other – challenging stereotypes. His visit was following his rise to fame on BBC News, following his response to social medial/racial bullying. Amrit began with 500 followers and now has close to 15 thousand. He has since launched his own business, travels the world, shares educational Ted talks & has worked on many high profile exhibitions! A real life success story. Amrit explained how he used a restorative approach to his racial bullying & how turned a very negative experience into something positive. The importance of challenging


At Barcroft Primary we continue to teach our children about cohesion through the Equality Act (2010). Our aim is that our children should develop an awareness of their rights & responsibilities. Through a clear understanding of the protected characteristics, our children can develop the confidence to challenge inequality at all levels.


Equality Act 2010 Link Here 


We acknowledge that as parents, educators & professionals we are collectively responsible for preparing our children to live and prosper in cohesive society.

We continue to encourage this through:

 Learning and teaching: teaching pupils to understand others, promoting discussion and debate about common values and diversity.


· Equity and excellence: removing barriers to access and participation, offering equal opportunities to all our pupils to succeed at the highest level possible


· Engagement and extended services: providing opportunities for children, young people and their families to interact with others from different backgrounds.



We want our children to feel empowered to challenge inequality, to enable them and others to ‘live their best life’.


Mrs Johl (Head teacher) , Stuart Lawrence, Mrs Poole (Deputy Head) , Amrit Singh



10 Streets Project

Barcroft Primary School is proud to be working closely with the National ‘10 Streets Project’. The project is looking to support the streets and communities that have been identified with areas for improvement. As we are so close by, we are particularly focusing on Gough Street. The project aimed to set up a Street Association for the residents and the launch event that took place on Saturday 18th May 2019 was highly successful. We have some photos below to share from the event.











Barcroft School recently supported the latest Gough Street Association event by opening our fields on Saturday 1st June 2019 to the local residents. Families enjoyed a 'bring and share' picnic and there were games and races set up for the children to take part in. Overall, the event went brilliantly. As always, thank you for working with us continually to support our local community and school.

Working together to support our community during Harvest!

(Click on the link above to see our certificate!)

We would like to say a massive thank you for all your support during Harvest. Your donations will help so many families!

Attached is a certificate of thanks from the Black Country Food Bank, thanking us all for being absolutely wonderful with our donations this year! We have collected an incredible 118.2Kg of items, enough to provide 240 meals, which is fantastic. The donations have been taken to one of food bank centres in Walsall. They were absolutely thrilled with the donations too! 

This just shows that if we work together, we can help so many people within and around our community. Thanking you once again- you have been amazing! 


Gough Street Association Report

Here at Barcroft, we work closely with all the services in the Local Authority so that we can support our local community as much as possible. Walsall’s Early Help Team are now offering free courses for parents and carers. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and understanding around child behaviour, additional needs and pregnancy. There is also a course especially for Teens that may be helpful to someone you know.  

This is a fantastic opportunity so we are pleased that we can share this with all of our families. If you would like any further information or need help to register, please contact Miss Sasaru in school. 

Please note that you do not need to be on a support plan to access these courses and you can easily register online. Please see the Posters below to find out more. 


Understand Your Baby Poster 

Understand Your Child Poster 

Understand Your Pregnancy

Understand Your Teenager's Brain 

 Understand Your Brain Teenagers Only Postcards 

The School Health Team are also offering courses tailored specifically to medical, growth & development and emotional needs. These are also free to access to all parents and carers.

Bedwetting workshop flyer

Healthy Lifestyles workshop flyer

Puberty workshop flyer 

Toliet Training workshop flyer

Tolieting Problems in school aged children