At Barcroft we take pride in giving our children extra learning opportunities. This allows the children to apply their knowledge from lessons and extend their learning. It enables children to practise and consolidate skills and aims to broaden the context of learning by providing enrichment and extension. Homework is issued on a weekly basis across the school. Staff will provide a range of tasks which may include researching, investigating and making. All pupils will also have access to high quality reading material. In addition to formal homework children can access Bug Club and our school Virtual Learning Environment, which allows them to read and learn actively with parents and carers. We aim to reinforce the learning that takes place at Barcroft Primary School to ensure children are meeting their potential.

We are very passionate about giving our children homework that will not only reinforce learning, but also be an enjoyable experience. We aim to deliver a creative curriculum and want to extend this to be carried out further at home with the support from friends and family. We view homework as a supported or independent task undertaken outside of curriculum time which reinforces, extends and enriches school based learning. Finally, it aims to enable children to take responsibility for their own learning, to become independent learners and to develop perseverance.

Homework Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Years 1-3 Homework Returned Spelling Test and Spellings Issued   Homework Issued  
Years 4-6 Homework Returned Spelling Test and Spellings Issued   Homework Issued