Travelling to School

Walking to school is a healthy thing to do – and it’s good for the environment too – so we’d like to encourage our children and their parents to leave their cars at home (or park 5 minutes walk from the school) and stroll, amble, stride or strut to and from school as much as possible!

We also want to encourage safe use of the pavements and roads for both pedestrians and drivers.

To help achieve this, our school is part of Walsall Council’s A*STARS (Active Sustainable Travel and RoadSafety) programme.

The A*STARS programme is a series of walking, cycling, scooting and road safety initiatives, along with training, expertise and support that is given to schools to help them to develop and promote safer, healthier lifestyle choices for all.1

To learn more about travelling to school in a safer, healthier way, see the A*STARS’ webpages for parents: The following pages are perhaps of particular interest:

You can also click the image below to be taken to Barcroft’s A*STARS webpage to see what’s happening in our school:

If you would like to start walking to and from school, you could use or Google Maps to plan the best route (if you’re using Google Maps, remember to select the walking option after you’ve been given your directions).

Additionally, follow the “Road Safety” link below to learn more about being safe on the roads.

1. From the A*STARS website: