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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021-2022


June 2021 COVID 19 Child Protection Policy


Anti Bullying Policy 2020-2021


Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 2020-2021


At Barcroft Primary School, we are working in partnership with West Midlands Police and Walsall Children’s Services to identify and provide appropriate support to pupils who have experienced domestic abuse in their household; this scheme is called Operation Encompass. Further information is also available at: 
On receipt of any information, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will decide on the appropriate support the child requires. All information sharing and resulting actions will be undertaken in accordance with the Operation Encompass Joint Agency Protocol for Domestic Abuse’. We will record this information and store this information in accordance with the record keeping procedures around Safeguarding the wellbeing of children and young people.

‘ANI’ stands for Action Needed Immediately but also phonetically sounds like the name Annie. Ia person is experiencing domestic abuse and needs immediate helpthey can ask for ‘ANI’ in a participating pharmacy. If a pharmacy has the ‘Ask for ANI’ logo on display, it means they’re ready to help. They will offer you a private space, provide a phone and ask if you need support from the police or other domestic abuse support services. 


Full information can be found at: