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Predator - Autumn 1


In Autumn term we start the school year off with the topic 'Predator'. We focus on the Mesosoic era and children build upon their prior knowledge of dinosaurs from Year 1. We have a launch 'wow' day, where the bird man visits and brings in lots of incredible birds for children to see first hand. This year we saw owls and a huge eagle!


In History we have a lot of fun identifying different dinosaurs based on what period they are from. We use the Ipads to research various prehistoric animals from the stone age, including Mastons, saber-toothed tigers, giant ground slothes and woolly mammoths. We order extinct animals on a timeline and finally, we write a balanced argument on hunting and poaching.


In Geography, we delve into different countries and continents. We focus on learning how to locate the four points of a compass, locate where different predators live in the world, compare different biomes of those predators and discuss why some animals may be becoming extinct.


In D.T, we have an exciting time looking at mechanisms. We design and make our on predator that has an opening and closing mouth using air pressure. This is always a very fun lesson!


Significant individuals

During our Predator topic, we look at Boniface Matthew, Maliango, Robert William Thomson and Johnathon Truss.



In R.E we focus on holy buildings and sacred spaces, looking at a variety of different religions and delving into why they are sacred.



In PSHE we look at rights and responsibilities. We start this topic off by working together to create class rules and what our responsibilities are around the school and at home.



Our first Science topic is very exciting. We go on a rock hunt and begin to discuss different rocks, fossils and soils. 



In Year 3, we begin our French journey. Children are always very excited when we learn French greetings and we begin to answer the register every day in French!

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