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Spring Term

This term we will be completing our topic ‘Blue Abyss.’ The children will continue to discuss key questions such as: What causes ocean pollution? And where do plastics in the ocean come from? The children will have opportunities to research famous marine biologists and explore who identified new species and how they influenced our lives today. In art, the children will be identifying and describing different water scenes. They will also look at some effective ways that lines can be used to create texture.


In the second half of spring term, children will be exploring 'World War 2.' During history lessons, children will explore: Evacuation, The Blitz, Rationing, Key figures during the conflict, Anne Frank and The Holocaust. In geography, children will find out more about the importance of ports and port cities. They will also develop a greater understanding of the terms 'import' and 'export' and children will investigate the cities and rural locations used during evacuation.

Children Graphic