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Unlocking potential today for a brighter tomorrow

Vision and Values


'Unlocking potential today for a brighter tomorrow'

Each half term, we focus on a new 'BARCROFT' value.  Each week class teachers award a pupil from their class with 'Values Superstar'.  In our Values assembly, pupils hear from their teachers how they have demonstrated the BARCROFT value to be their Values Superstar. 


Our Values Superstars win a certificate and one of Mrs Locke's special gold 'Values Superstar' stickers and 10 Barcoins!






Spring Term 1: Believe in Ourselves


Spring Term 2: Ambitious and Aspirational


Summer Term 1: Resilient Learners


Summer Term 2: Confident Personalities




Autumn Term 1: Respect for Ourselves and Others


Autumn Term 2: Open-minded


Spring Term 1: Free-thinking and Independent


Spring Term 2: Thoughtful and Caring


Summer Term 1: Believe in Ourselves


Summer Term 2: Ambitious and Aspirational

At Barcroft Primary School promote British values set out by the Government’s 2011 Prevent Strategy. The core values are:


Democracy - all children in our school have a ‘voice’. Everyone is heard and listened to. School Council Representatives help to ensure that pupils’ views and ideas are shared with teaching staff.


The rule of law - our school rules help to keep everyone safe. Pupil Leaders and help children to get along with each other and play nicely together.


Individual liberty - children have the freedom to make lots of choices during the school day. They can choose how they learn best, what games they want to play, which clubs they want to join and much more!


Mutual respect – children are encouraged always treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves. Kind and thoughtful behaviour, attitude to learning and achievement are all recognised and rewarded in our school.


Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs - children enjoy learning about each other’s faiths and cultures and know that it’s important to show respect for different beliefs

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